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Defiant American Single Malt Whisky (750mL)










Defiant American Single Malt Whisky is produced by Blue Ridge Distillers of Golden Valley, North Carolina. The distillery is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and their water is drawn from an aquifer right under the distillery. But that’s where conventional distilling ends. What happens next is uniquely Defiant.

The crew behind the stills are salvage divers by trade. They run towards certain disaster and change fate with metal, fire, water and intellect. Their whisky is created by those same virtues.

Defiant revolutionizes the process by taking the best of Scottish tradition and combining it with American ingenuity. They begin with the finest ingredients and finish with a new kind of spirit.

Defiant is a new way of distilling, not bound by barrels or recipes or tradition. They use the best ingredients, Mother Nature and intuition. They only use four ingredients. Nothing more. Start with quality, end with quality.

BARLEY: Two-row premium malted brewer’s barley. More flavor, better notes. Cracked on a custom roller mill. This is where their single malt begins.

OAK MATURATION: Their proprietary aging process is far more efficient than barrels. They use cuts of hand selected premium American white oak, toasted to perfection. How old is it? Take a sip, then take a guess.

YEAST: Mash into whisky. Fermentation is the most important part of the process. And Blue Ridge wouldn’t trust their whisky with anything but the finest.

WATER: The owners of Blue Ridge Distillery found their water source before they built the distillery that sits upon it. From the peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the glass in your hand, their water is pure. Nothing added. No filtering needed.



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I've had a good number of different scotches, whiskies,and bourbons and have to say this was some of the best whisky I've ever had.  To quote Colonel Potter, "There's not enough O's in smoooooth to describe this".  I had it while visiting a friend in NC and really regret no picking up a bottle before coming back to Ohio.  I WILL be acquiring a bottle soon, though, even if I have to drive back down to get it.  It's THAT good.