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Copper Fiddle Tom Gin (750mL)


When people see Copper Fiddle Tom Gin for the first time they are totally perplexed: a brown, barrel­aged gin? The distillery's idea was to reintroduce this long forgotten pre­prohibition style of gin to the public and re­establish a cask­aged gin as a staple on the shelves of bars, restaurants and homes. 

Their version of a Tom Gin is made from a grain mash and vapor­-infused with seven botanicals. It is briefly aged in once used bourbon whiskey barrels to pick up the color and flavor of the wood and whiskey. The result is a whiskey lover’s gin. You will taste the gin on the front end and the whiskey on the back for a delicious treat.

Tasting Notes:

Soft, flavorful and complex with hints of citrus, coriander, and licorice with undertones of toasted oak and whiskey.


Awarded the Gold medal by The Fifty Best, New York, NY and the Silver medal by the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA).

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