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Catskill Distilling Peace Vodka (750mL)


Distinctive for its smoothness and delicate flavor, Peace Vodka is made with locally grown red winter wheat and pure Catskill Mountain water. It is triple distilled, with no carbon filtration.


F. Paul Pacult's notes:

Whole wheat base. Pristine appearance. Initial sniffs after the pour pick up sourdough and yeasty aromas that are fresh, pleasingly tart and grainy/bread-like; following another six minutes of air contact, the bouquet turns fruity and ripe, with tropical highlights (banana and pineapple especially) though is not sweet; a welcoming nose by any measure that is hardly neutral. Entry is appealingly complex, intensely grainy (almost akin to Wheat Thin crackers) and sweeter than the bouquet; midpalate plays more on the viscosity aspect as the texture turns chewy and buttery, but there's also a dash of minerality just before the finish that's earthy and dusty. Aftertaste has elements of cocoa bean and high cocoa content dark chocolate that almost make it a flavored vodka. A far cry from the ethereal likes of Scandinavian vodkas and more in the robust vein of Poland or Russia, from the days when Russia made good vodka.

Gold Medal Winner, 2012 New York Food and Wine Classic

Double-Gold Medal Winner, 2012 Fifty Best, for best domestic Vodka

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