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Bruichladdich Scotch Single Malt Islay Barley 2010 (750ml)


Using barley grown on Rockside Farm, this is fresh, sweet (agave syrup), delicate, and lightly buttery, with touches of lily of the valley and lemon sponge cake mix. The cereal character is restrained, with a charred hint on the palate along with banana, mandarin, cassia, and pink marshmallows (untoasted). The Laddie’s floral notes emerge late, and the whiff of white pepper on the end is all there is to remind you of its youth. A classy young whisky. 

Tasting Notes:

COLOR: Golden hay/warm honey.

AROMA: Classic, distinct, Islay aromas enchant the sensory system. The floral notes of heather covered moorlands in full bloom and more than a hint of juniper, hawthorn and mountain thyme. Then the beautiful aroma of soft ripe fruit, green grapes, melon, pear and pineapple all sprinkled with cinnamon. However the main player in this stunning olfactory bouquet is the Islay barley; grown in salt laden soil, washed by Atlantic showers, battered by strong winds and warmed by a late summer sun. It survives and we love it like no other. Its DNA is 100% Islay. How many distilleries can make this claim?

TASTE: The oak has been waiting patiently and now it cradles all of the aromatics. This malt is in so perfect a place at this time that I cannot ever recall such a pleasurable taste experience. The flavours of this Island detonate across the palate. Made and matured by the ocean by real artisans, working with Victorian equipment. It?s the start of a journey that few have ever dreamed about and now it?s possible for us to walk with this young Ileach as he challenges the shaman and their marketing myths.

FINISH: With no chill filtration the palate is bathed in an amazing spiritual composition. The viscosity of spirit ensures that the taste buds will still be experiencing the strong pulse of passion that has gone into the making of this true son of Islay, Finally leaving you with a feeling of sublime contentment. 

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