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Brenne Ten French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)


Brenne Ten is an exquisite 10-year-old whisky, with a rich and resonant amber hue, that is expertly crafted “seed-to-spirit” from organic malted barley and naturally pure water in the Cognac region of France.

Brenne Ten’s uncommon journey begins in the fields of Cognac, France, where it is born from two organically grown varieties of heirloom barley. After careful fermentation and distillation in alembic Charente stills, the whisky rests for a decade in a combination of virgin French Limousin oak barrels and barrels previously used for aging Cognac.

Brenne Ten shares the same DNA and creamy, fruit-forward characteristics as Brenne’s inaugural expression, and yet it is altogether different. Chocolate-covered dried fruits are combined with deeper notes of raw honey, spiced vanilla cream, and a striking richness that continues to open up in the glass.

This extremely limited bottling —only 290 cases for 2015— is the marriage of four casks, hand-selected for their distinctive complexity and balance by the brand’s founder, Allison Patel.


  • Color: Light Amber

  • Nose: A warm welcome gives way to dried fruits, spiced wood, toasted vanilla and light floral essence.

  • Taste: A silky mouth feel delivers Brenne’s signature smoothness with spicy black tea, chocolate, dried orange peel, and vanilla cream topped with cinnamon sugar.

  • Finish: Lingering traces of honeyed spice. Creamy and fireside-warm.`

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