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Boot Hill Gin (750mL)


Boot Hill Distillery Gin is a fresh and unique take on the growing New American Dry Gin category. Each batch of this winderful gin is vapor distilled in 100 gallon batches, ensuring that the final product is both complex and well-balanced.

Boot Hill Gin features juniper, coriander, bitter orange peel, angelica root, orris root, licorice root, chamomile blossoms and just a tiny dash of sarsaparilla.

Tasting Notes:

NOSE: Powerful burst of juniper up front with soft sweet hints of coriander and orange.

NEAT: Bright juniper notes immediately  flood the palate, with  floral notes on the tail.

ON THE ROCKS:  The softer sweetness from the licorice and sarsaparilla roots and floral flavors of the gin press forward, with a citrus snap.


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