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Bellevoye White French Triple Malt Whisky (750mL)


One of four expressions from the Bellevoye, each of which are blended malts made with single malt whiskies from around France.

Bellevoye White French Triple Malt Whisky is initially aged three to eight years in French oak casks. The whisky is then aged an additional six months in French Sauternes casks.

Bellevoye White French Whisky Tasting Notes

Aroma: a wide aromatic palette. Some notes of dried fruit (currant grapes, apricots and date) mingle with notes of spices (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger) and acacia honey.​
Palate: ripe and juicy fruit.​
Finish: hints of almond and hazelnut.


2020: gold medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
2019: gold medal at Wines and Spirits competition for the U.S.A.


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