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Armorik Breton Sherry Finish French Single Malt Whisky (750mL)


Armorik Whisky is made from 100% French malted barley from Champagne. The grains come from granitic soils located close to the sea, very iodized (the sea is less than 6 miles away) and the weather is as rainy and windy as the Scottish Highlands. Overall, the region is a bit warmer than the Scottsih Highlands but the humidity level is the same, both of which favor the aging of the whisky. The distillery sits on a water source by the name of Rest Avel (House of Wind), which gives a pure and crystal clear granitic water.

Double distillation takes place in traditional copper stills. Armorik is the result of a unique aging method, using a majority of old American oak bourbon casks (for 7 years) and finished (3 months) in some older sherry butts made of Spanish oak.

The natural fruitiness of Armorik is thereby enhanced by warm notes of dried fruit and prunes so characteristic of sherry.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Round and warm, it evokes candied fruit with a hint of chocolate.
Mouth: Energetic and finely woody, it develops to give a greater roundness with some marine and cereal notes.
Finish: Long and pleasant, pleasantly spiced and invigorating.


Ultimate Spirirts Challenge: Chairman's Trophy/ 94 points

Whisky Advocate 2015: Bold, Audacious & Voluptuous/ 91 points


Minimum Order: Two (2) Bottles

Price: $63.75
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