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Ardmore 30 Year Old Highland Single Malt (750mL)

Ardmore 30 Year Old Highland Single Malt

From the Distiller: - "In 2008, Ardmore Traditional Cask redefined the Single Highland Malt Scotch experience in the United States. Masterfully crafted from the only Highland distillery that consistently peats its barley, Ardmore weaves bold smoky flavor notes historically associated only with Islay malts into the rich Highland malt experience. Expanding on this unique combination of flavors, Ardmore unveiled a limited edition 30 year old in 2009 available only in the United States. Aged in former bourbon barrels and handmade quarter casks, the new ultra-premium Scotch bears the same name and pedigree as its predecessor, but reveals a distinctive finish and rich, complex flavor all of its own. Only 230 cases, with each bottle individually numbered, will be available. TASTING NOTES: COLOUR: Bright Gold NOSE: Without water, the peat smoke is not apparent as only the full rich intensity appears. Adding water allows the many layers of complexity to come through. The immediate aroma is fragrant rather than powerful and the scents of roses and violets blend with a slight citrus note that masks the gentle peat smoke. BODY: Full, round and soft Palate: At bottle strength, the peat comes through as a dryish liquorice tang. When water is added, the peatiness is smoothed and softened by a cream toffee and flower gentleness. FINISH: Quite dry and very long lasting.

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