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Appalachian Gap Papilio Agave-Maple Spirit (750mL)


The distillers at Appalachian Gap tasted a smokiness in Vermont’s own dark maple syrup that they thought would marry well with the smokinesses of agave spirits like tequila.  But rather than adding maple syrup to a base spirit, making something sweet, they fermented agave syrup and maple syrup together to create an amazing VTquiIa.

Appalachian Gap imports organic blue agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico, and mix it 4:1 with dark maple syrup. Three to four weeks of fermentation and double distillation through their hybrid still result in a spirit like no other in the world.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Gentle maple, fuity esters, and echoes of tequila.

Palate: Very clean and pure, with a muted tequila flavor overlaid with the smoky sweet notes of maple syrup. Flavors are delicate, not dominant, but stand up to citrus and other appropriate mixers.

Finish: very clean, with a nice residual warmth from the high proof, and lingering maple notes.

Price: $42.75
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