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Ancnoc Scotch Single Malt Cutter Limited Edition (750ml)


Lean and light, it starts with a pruny smokiness and it gives into savory toasted walnuts, apricot and sun dried apples. In the mouth pronounced but elegant, flavors of oak spice and savory coffee beans. Ethereal finish Colour Cutter is pale yellow in appearance. Nose An initially thick and oily smoke structure reveals a sharper, more medicinal phenolic layer and a piercing burst of fruitiness. Ripe peaches and just a touch of oak. The nose is intense and unforgettable. Taste More ashy, with a slight apple-core bitterness. Leather and spicy vanilla is there too, lingering at the back, accompanied by sharper notes of pink grapefruit and ripe orchard fruits. Elegant and long. A kaleidoscope of spicy and peaty notes that die out with a juicy burst and a loud call for another sip.

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