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anCnoc flaughter (750mL)

anCnoc flaughter (750mL)

Whisky Review by FWL Contributing Editor Uncle Knucklehead.

I open the Flaughter and pour the liquid, translucent gold into my glass and immediately, the earthy, woodiness of the drink’s vapors mix with the wafts of cigar smoke.


Then I put my nose into the Flaughter and I can pick up notes of cooked pears, easy vanilla from the ex-bourbon casks brilliantly ribboned around the chewy mossy, wood smoke. The Flaughter takes its name from a special spade-like tool the peat farmers use to take off the top layers of peat sod. When burning this to malt barley, and not that dug up from further below, you get flavors that are more on the woody, grassy and earthy side.


Oh, I’m a happy camper now.

Distillers Tasting Notes:

Colour: pale gold

Nose: Initially smoky and ashy. Underneath that, fresh vanilla notes ooze softness and creaminess while a sharper hint of sticky toffee offers a balancing sweetness.

Taste: A warming and smooth experience; peaty and intense but remarkably rounded, it flickers with hints of fragrant pipe tobacco, orchard fruits, brown sugar sweetness and a slight medicinal overtone. An intensely flavoursome, smoky and smooth finish.

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