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Amador Whiskey Co. Bourbon Double Barrel (750ml)


This whiskey is made from a blend of Kentucky Bourbons aged from three to ten years old and finished in former Napa Valley wine barrels. Caramel sweetness intertwines with oak, vanilla and coconut, while a meandering, slightly earthy finish suggests mellow cocoa and a puff of campfire smoke. Dilution coaxes out a marshmallow-y sweetness. Overall, the experience is reminiscent of s’mores, with that cocoa-smoke finish. Sip or mix. Top 100 Spirits 2016Clover honey and sandalwood perfume the glass with sweet spice. Earthy and toasted grain lead the smooth flavors, developing into smoked tobacco leaf with a kiss of maple sweetness on the back end. Offers a well balanced and smooth-tasting bourbon with complex flavors of vanilla, oak, brown sugar, and spice

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