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Dark Honey

Jack Daniels Sinatra Select Review

It honestly tasted very similar to standard Jack Daniels, which is fine with me because I drink it a lot, unfortunately for the price it won't be worth buying it again.

I did a blind taste test between the original and Sinatra with some friends and they couldn't taste much of a difference.

Bottle and packaging look amazing though.

Great Bourbon for the Price

For some reason, this bottle typically averages less than $20.  It is a large mash giving a consistent taste from bottle to bottle over the years, but this does nothing to deter from quality.  Cheap enough to mix with ginger ale or cola without feeling terrible.  Tasty enough to drink on the rocks.  

Smooth and Satisfying

I purchased this after having had a bottle of the Balvenie 12 Double Wood for 2-3 years - my first single malt purchase years ago.  The Caribbean Cask is very mellow with warm notes of vanilla and caramel, a bit of spice and a wonderful nose.  Long finish that begs for a wee dram more, please!