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Medium to Full Body

Smooth and Satisfying

I purchased this after having had a bottle of the Balvenie 12 Double Wood for 2-3 years - my first single malt purchase years ago.  The Caribbean Cask is very mellow with warm notes of vanilla and caramel, a bit of spice and a wonderful nose.  Long finish that begs for a wee dram more, please!

Will NOT Disappoint

I purchased this six - eight months ago, uncorked it and nearly took it back.  The bottle reeked of turpentine or some other undrinkable solvent.  The "nose" was horrid, and the taste was similar. My bourbon drinking buddy was with me, and we were both aghast.   It didnt make sense.  I smelled the cork stopper and it smelled of mold altho none was evident.  I recorked the lovely bottle with a wine stopper and set it aside, intending to take it back.


The Only Irish Whiskey that my wife likes.  Gentle vanilla and caramel notes, probably form the sherry finish, smooth this one out.  Probably tyhe smoothes whiskey that still packs a punch.