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Abasolo Distillery

Built in 2019 as the first purpose-built whisky distillery,  Destileria y Bodega Abasolo is located in Jilotepec de Abasolo, a town with a population of about 100,000 that was chosen because it’s known as the birthplace of corn in Mexico. The distillery is about 90 minutes north of Mexico City and 6 hours east of Tequila in Jalisco. At 7,800ft (2,377m), the Abasolo distillery is one of the highest in the world, and must also be one of the most striking in its unusual design.  

Sierra Norte Distillery

The Sierra Norte Mountains of Oaxaca Mexico, with their profuse flora, abundant wildlife and crystal clear flowing waters, support some of the worlds most treasured biodiversity. More than any other crop, corn embodies the life-giving relationship between these ancient mountains and their inhabitants. Descendants of the region’s first farmers continue to grow native varieties of corn, carefully saving and replanting the seeds from each harvest, as they and their ancestors have done for over 7000 years.