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The Lowland region comprises the southernmost third of Scotland. Lowland whiskies tend to be drier and lighter than most other Scotch whiskies. They are also very light in peat, salt and smoke as compared to whiskies from other regions. Lowland malts are dry, when compared with their Highland counterparts, and, although often quite spirity, are light whiskies with generally fewer individual differences than those of other regions.

Lowland whiskies are thought to be excellent options for "beginners."

The Lost Distillery Stratheden Blended Scotch Whisky

Stratheden is the second release from The Lost Distillery Company. Closed due to the impact of prohibition in 1926, the distillery buildings still exist (in part) today with some original markings on the walls and doors hinting at its glorious past. Indeed, the colour we've selected for the label of The Lost Distillery Stratheden matches the colour of the warehouse doors that can still be seen to this day.
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