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Three Chord Spirits

Three Chord Backstage Series: Dinosaur Jr (750mL)

Three Chord Backstage Series: Dinosaur Jr (750mL)

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The Three Chord Backstage Series custom blends were created in collaboration between the artists and Three Chord's Whiskey Maker, Ari Sussman. 

Each label was specially crafted by designers known for their work in the music industry, on concert posters and merch design.  These limited releases are truly a joining of worlds that work so well together: whiskey, music, and art. 

This Dinosaur Jr. custom blended whiskey is a marriage of 8 Year Old Corn Whiskey, 6 Year Old Bourbon, and 2 Year Old Bourbons from Kentucky, finished in Toasted Barrels

 Sip, savor, and enjoy.

Bottle size:
2- 8 years old
Oak finish:
Toasted Oak Barrels
Three Chord Spirits
United States
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