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Burnt Orange

A sadly under reviewed gem!

I enjoy a drinkable whiskey, and this one ranks at the top of my list.  I hesitate to call it a woman’s whiskey, because husbands and male friends steal it from me.  I don’t think drinking whiskey should not be a tough guy competition, as whiskey should be a base drink for all people who enjoy a good drink. Many steer clear of whiskey  due to “the burn”.  Backwoods Wild Cherry Whiskey has SHOT to the top of my most enjoyable and Drinkable list.  Give this one a try.  You. WON’T be sorry!

One of My Favorites

AnCnoc 12 is one of my favorites and IMO one of the best single malts for your buck.  Great quality, un-chill filtered, and no carmel colouring added.