A New Golden Age for Scotch Whisky?

The Scotch Whisky industry is roaring along, setting new records for sales every year as the global demand for whisky continues to grow. The last “golden age” for Scotch Whisky is generally considered to be the late 1800’s, when distilleries flourished all over Scotland. That begs the question: are we in a new golden age for Scotch Whisky? Veteran whisky writers, historians, and consultants Charles Maclean and Ian Buxton take on that question and other key issues in an extended WhiskyCast In-Depth conversation this week.

In the news, a Pacific Northwest malting house has left distilleries and brewers in the lurch after suddenly closing this week, while Speyside Distillers is being questioned about the location of casks sold to investors more than 20 years ago.

Episode 1010: June 25, 2023

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