A Craft Maltster’s Closing Leaves Distillers in the Lurch

The collapse of Washington’s Skagit Valley Malting last month left distillers and brewers alike searching for new suppliers of malted barley. The craft maltster had more than 270 customers when it closed unexpectedly, including Seattle’s Westland and Copperworks distilleries. We’ll talk with Copperworks co-founders Jason Perkins and Jeff Kanof this week on WhiskyCast In-Depth, along with Kate Bernot, who’s been covering the story for Good Beer Hunting. In the news, the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame gets eight new inductees, while Woodford Reserve is teaming up with Kentucky farmers to develop the state as a rye-producing region. We’ll have all the week’s whisky news, tasting notes for whiskies from the U.S., Japan, and India, and much more on this week’s WhiskyCast. 

Episode 1011: July 2, 2023

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