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Woven Experience No. 7 / 8 / 9

No shortage of interesting blenders these days. The other day we reviewed the first releases from Turntable Spirits, today we're looking at Woven, a young company from Leith.Whilst lots of interesting aromas and flavours would normally be blended away, or used to enliven dull blends, Woven tries to focus on and elevate them. However, while other blenders like Compass Box are stressing transparency, giving plenty of detailed information about the components, Woven has a more minimal approach, often giving pretty vague descriptions (in line with their manifesto) and far less distillery names. The presentation reminds me a little of cosmetics brands, which simply give their fragrances a number and add a few intruiging keywords.Although they reached number 14 already, we are looking at three releases from last year's Collection Two. Woven Experience No.7 revolves around fresh fruity flavours, trying to re-imagine the character of a fresh Chardonnay wine. In fact there are a few ex-wine casks in the mix. 

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