Baker’s 13 Year Old Single Barrel Returns

Baker’s Bourbon is excited to announce the return of Baker’s 13 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon, a limited-time offering highlighting the influence that extra-aging, warehouse and barrel storage location, and environment has on each and every unique bourbon barrel.

Originally released in 2019 when the brand reemerged as a single barrel product, Baker’s 13 Year Old is aged at least six additional years than the brand’s classic offering. While the single barrel bourbon showcases distinct nuances between each individual barrel, fans can expect to experience more robust vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak flavors in this special, extra aged expression.

“Baker’s Bourbon celebrates the individual characteristics in each and every barrel, and this 13 Year Old expression takes that experience even further as the distinct flavors from the barrel develop over time,” said Fred Noe, Seventh Generation Master Distiller. “We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback the first time we released this 13-year-old edition, and I’m proud to bring it back for whiskey fans who appreciate something special from Baker’s as a true gem within our Small Batch portfolio.”

Baker’s 13 Year Old is now available in limited quantities in select U.S. states, with a suggested retail price of $129.99 for a 750mL bottle.

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