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The International Drammie Awards

The Voice of the Whisk(e)y Enthusiast


The 2016 International Drammie Awards

The Drammie Awards were the brainchild of FWL contributing editor Kevin Erskine in his previous role as the unofficial voice of the whiskey consumer, via his industry-first TheScotchBlog.  In much the same vein as the People's Choice Awards,  the mission of the Drammie Awards is to put the power of “recognition” in the hands of the whiskey enthusiast.

By 2010, with nominations coming in from hundreds of whiskey drinkers at all corners of the globe, the Drammie Awards had grown in stature to become among the most important (and often most terrifying)  means of recognition for those making a living in the whiskey industry.  

In 2011 Kevin joined FWL, and in 2012 the Drammie Awards were relaunched with a rejuvenated effort and energy and ForWhiskeyLovers as the new organiser.

Each January ForWhiskeyLovers sends out a “Call for Nominations” to our email subscribers , members of our Whiskey Exploration Clubs, and the general whisk(e)y-consuming public. Nominations are accepted four four (4) weeksAfter nominations are closed, ForWhiskeyLovers posts the top five (5) nominations (those receiving the  most nominating votes) for each category on, and voting then commences to select the category winners.  Voting on finalists will be conducted for another two (2) weeks, with Drammie Award Winners announced in March.


The twenty-five Drammie Awards categories are

  1. Best Whisk(e)y Marketing Campaign

  2. Worst Whisk(e)y Marketing Campaign

  3. Best Whisk(e)y Packaging

  4. Best New Whisk(e)y Related Product

  5. Best Whisk(e)y Information Source

  6. Best Whisk(e)y Bar

  7. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - Europe and the UK

  8. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - North America

  9. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - Asia / Pacific Rim

  10. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery - Europe & The UK

  11. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery - North America

  12. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery - Asia/ Pacific Rim

  13. Most Exciting & Innovative Whisk(e)y Producer \ Distillery

  14. Most Exciting & Innovative Whisk(e)y Blender \ Bottler

  15. Most Innovative New Whisk(e)y

  16. Best Whisk(e)y Value \ Bang for the Buck

  17. Most Underrated Whisk(e)y

  18. Best Blended Whisk(e)y

  19. Best Single Malt\Vatted Malt Whisk(e)y

  20. Best Bourbon Whiskey

  21. Best Rye Whiskey

  22. Best Non-Traditional* Whiskey

  23. Best New Whisk(e)y

  24. Whisk(e)y of the Year

  25. Distillery of the Year - 2015



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