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Whiskey Review: Westland Colere Edition 3

Editor’s Note: This whiskey was provided to us as a review sample by the party behind it. This in no way, per our editorial policies, influenced the final outcome of this review. It should also be noted that by clicking the buy link in this review our site receives a small referral payment which helps to support, but not influence, our editorial and other costs. 

One of many incredible distilleries included in the Northwest Whiskey Trail, Seattle-based Westland Distillery has enjoyed successful limited-edition releases over the years and pioneered the movement of categorizing American Single Malt Whiskey by founding the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission (ASMWC).

Founded in 2010 and acquired by Remy-Cointreau in 2017, Westland has become a shining example of the fantastic whiskey offered from the terroir of the Pacific Northwest. This year the distillery releases their Westland Distillery Colere Edition 3 American Single Malt, a part of the ongoing Outpost Range series.

Shane Armstrong, Westland Distillery Master Blender, says of the release, “The third edition of Colere has an entirely different construction than its predecessors. Distilled from Pilot barley, this spirit aged in refill Westland casks features an herbal tea note; a characteristic conserved and bolstered by one second-fill Oloroso Hogshead.” Pilot is a 2-row spring variety barley with a lineage that traces back to grain breeders in the United Kingdom, and Colere, from Latin meaning “to cultivate,” is a part of Westland’s mission to showcase varieties of barley bred outside the barley commodity system, one that tends to value sameness and low cost over innovation.

Westland prides itself on that innovation, striving to favor uniqueness over old world conventions, and the development of the ASMWC was a strong effort to highlight American Single Malt Whiskey while always appreciating and respecting the origin of the Single Malt. The ASMWC members have formed several requirements to the labeling of an American Single Malt, including that the whiskey is made from 100% malted barley, distilled at one distillery, matured in oak casks not exceeding 700-liter capacity, and that the whiskey is to be mashed, distilled, and matured in the America.

As the distillery explains, the Colere series is meant to examine the influence of barley on the single malt flavor, and that exploration has led to Westland funding a Ph.D. program at Washington State University’s Bread Lab, focusing on developing flavorful barley varieties that meet the organic agricultural requirements of low-input systems for local farmers.

Westland Colere Edition 3 review

We review Westland Colere Edition 3, celebrating barley’s role in American Single Malt by showcasing Pilot Barley aged in refill casks. (image via Westland)

Tasting Notes: Westland Colere Edition 3

Vital Stats: Grain bill – Pilot Pale Malt. Limited release of 4,629 bottles with a SRP of $183.58. Minimum maturation 41 months. 50% ABV. Belgian Brewer’s Yeast strain.

Appearance: Light golden brown.

Nose: Grainy and yeasty, the whiskey has an herbal nose, like a light tea leaf, with chickpea and plastic notes.

Palate: Great heat at the top of the palate, with a balanced spice that coats, and notes of marshmallow. I also placed the flavors of spice, fennel, and sugar – like sweet mukhwas, an Ayurvedic snack that I highly recommend!

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