KDA Adds Four New Members

The Kentucky Distiller’s Association (KDA), the trade grouping representing the Kentucky bourbon industry, has added four new craft members to its ranks: two in Northern Kentucky and two in Lexington. Those are Augusta Distillery and Pensive Distillery in the north, and Fresh Bourbon and RD1 Spirits in Lexington. It should be noted that the Lexington companies are relying on sourced or contract production, and are not active distilleries at the present time.

Augusta Distillery Founder and Board Vice Chairman Judd Weiss said, “Being included on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour puts Augusta Distillery in an even better position to share our charming town, distillery and award-winning Bourbon.”

Fresh Bourbon Distillery Founder Tia Edwards expressed excitement to being added as a destination on the Craft Tour. “We believe in bringing a unique approach to the Kentucky Bourbon experience by hosting guests in our elegant distillery and having them experience Bourbon luxury.”

Pensive Distilling Co. owner Scott Quigley said that joining the Craft Tour shines a spotlight on their establishment and helps grow tourism in Northern Kentucky. “The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® spreads our open invitation for all to come and enjoy Newport and the Pensive experience.”

RD1 Vice President of Marketing Chris Tetterton said, “It is an awesome privilege to be a part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. This group of distilleries tells the story of America’s native spirit along with the proud history, tradition, and future of Kentucky’s leading role in Bourbon.”

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