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Stronachie 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

So ends the story of Stronachie, a distillery which rose out of the wilderness in the 1890s. Set in a desolate glen on the Perth-Kinross border it stood between bleak hills on an isolated road that toiled its way through the Ochill mountains. Stronachie Distillery produced a traditional Highland-style whisky until 1928 and during its four decades of production A.D. Rattray Ltd represented the brand in Scotland.

A.D. Rattray is proud to revive the Stronachie name and reproduce this spirit of another time. To replicate the whisky, a bottle of original Stronachie 1904 was purchased at auction - one of only four bottles left in existence. A small sample of whisky was drawn from this bottle and tasted. Then samples of many Highland malt whiskies were compared to the original Stronachie. Finally, the remote and high altitude Benrinnes was chosen. This first class malt emulates the flavours and profile of the original Stronachie whisky.

The Beginning

Stronachie Distillery was built in 1890 near the small town of Forgandenny in rural Perthshire under the ownership of Alexander McDonald. As a result of Mr McDonald’s express wish to locate the distillery in the glen around Forgandenny in the district of Perth and Kinross, Stronachie was able to be classified as a true Highland malt whisky. 30 successful years were to follow and Stronachie soon became widely available in the marketplace thanks to the successful distribution developed by Dewar Rattray. The first significant change in the distillery’s life came about in 1907 when it was sold to Sir James Calder who himself had great expertise within the industry.

The Loss

Although James Calder was proud to be associated with the Stronachie Distillery, in 1926 he sold it along with a number of other distilleries that he owned, to the Distillers Company Limited (DCL). From then on Stronachie was to be hit by a number of problems as coal prices soared and the price of grain increased dramatically. Like numerous other similar distilleries at that time Stronachie was closed down and around 1930 dismantled. Today there is little evidence of where the distillery once stood except for a small area of low stone walls. The story of Stronachie doesn’t end here however...

The Revival

During 2002, as the project of rebuilding the Stronachie legend developed, we were fortunate to locate and acquire a bottle of Stronachie dated 1904. It is believed that there are 2 other examples of different vintages belonging to collectors in Germany and Japan. This authenticity has given extra credence to the Stronachie story and in order to find a single malt that could match the 1904 Vintage as closely as possible, a small sample was siphoned off and matched to a distillery that reflected the style, character and flavour of that original malt. That distillery was, and still is, Benrinnes.

The Stronachie brand continues to play an important role in our portfolio and today we are delighted to offer 10yo and 18yo expressions of this First Class single malt.

Whiskey Details
Scotch Product: 
10 years old
100% malted barley
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