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Samaroli Bunnahabhain 1990

Distilled: 1990. Bottled: 2011 Cask# 976. 45% ABV 276 Bottles.

Bottlers Tasting notes:

Very penetrating refined bouquet. Impetuous but at the same time clear.

Mature but lively.
Hard and also smooth, clean and at the same time ample.

Has great character.As deep as the oceanPowerful - doesn’t pass unnoticed.

Distillery Information - Bunnahabhain

Bunnahabhain stands on the shores of the Sound of Islay, which separates Islay from Jura on the east. The ship that seems to be waiting to unload malt has been there since 1974, when it ran aground on the rocks.

Tourists once bought Bunnahabhain (‘Boon-a-havn’) almost by mistake. For a certain period it was the top selling brand at the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre in Edinburgh.

It is one of the soft Islay malts, founded in 1881 – the same year as Bruichladdich – and for the same reason: to meet the rising demand for whisky for the blending industry.

Due to the isolated nature of the zone, the first owners had to build roads, houses and grocery shops for the distillery workers, as well as a school for their children. Bunnahabhain became an example of a self-sufficient community.

The malt whiskies produced on the isle of Islay are generally phenolic, pungent and salty; since 1883, Bunnahabhain has contradicted this commonplace, having always produced a smooth almost winey whisky, with an impressive constancy and regularity.

A few years after the construction of Bunnahabhain, the owners joined up with two other distilleries, forming Highland Distilleries. Closed for a short period in the early eighties and re-opened almost immediately, since 1963 has two pairs of stills.




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10 years old
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