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Glenfiddich Malt Master's Edition 2012

Glenfiddich's sixth Malt Master, Brian Kinsman, continues the distillery's tradition of innovation with this latest creation. The Malt Master's Edition is matured twice, each time for a number of years, in two separate casks consecutively.

First the whisky is aged in traditional oak for a period of years then in the highest quality sherry casks for its final years of maturation. This creates a rich, complex whisky with flavors imparted from both woods.

This labor-intensive process differs from finishing in that there is a balance of maturation for several years in two distinct woods, not long-term aging in one type of wood followed by a short period spent in another.

As a result of these efforts the "Double-Matured" Malt Master's Edition has a truly unique taste.

The Malt Master's Edition was selected out of over 1,000 entries at the 17th annual International Spirit Challenge to receive a Gold Medal.

Brian Kinsman's Tasting Notes

Color: rich, ruby red

Nose: entices with damp earth and whisky-soaked wood intermingling with vanilla and smoky embers.

Taste: zingy sherbet leads but this slowly turns to plum and spice with hints of almond and wedding cake.

Finish: silky smooth.

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My Whisky Reviews


Aged in both fine oak and sherry oak barrels, the color is a nice reddish amber. From there on out, I am forced to give two reviews. I happed upon this by mistake; perhaps I can save you the trouble (or you can repeat my unintentional experiment).

Review 1

Upon first pour, the aroma is slightly sweet and spicy. The aroma of rich fruits is there, but barely perceivable. The mouth feel is almost nonexistent. Flavors are all on the periphery. The only word to describe it is smooth...with a few dozen o's in the middle. So smooth, in fact, that it left me disappointed. Once I swallowed, though, the adventure began. The finish lasted for several minutes, changing with each breath I took. Flavors ranged from sweet and cinnamon to oaken wood and spiced pears. After a few minutes, I blinked and looked down at the glass, bewildered.

I cleansed my pallet with some shortbread and water, and tried it again 30 minutes later...

Review 2

I poured the lovely whisky and let it sit for 8 minutes, allowing this water of life to breathe. Then I nosed explosion of oak, spice, and fruit! A taste: still smooth, but the peripheral flavors from the first taste are now at the forefront. Oak, spice, sweet fruits; even a hint of tartness was present. The complexity was amazing! And the finish...even longer than before, and just as wild a ride.

Feel free, dear reader, to experience both sensations; however, to best enjoy this iteration of the water of life, let it breathe for a minute to two between your pour and first experiencing it.