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Glenfiddich Age Of Discovery 19 YO Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky

The Great American Rivers once transported fine oak casks filled with American bourbon towards New Orleans. The Age Of Discovery was a time when cities were expanding. American whisky distilleries were producing more – Tennesee sour mash, bourbon and rye whiskies. Precious bourbon barrels were carried along the Mississippi river on paddle steamers, towards the bustling port of New Orleans.

Bourbon casks could only be used once, their aromas and flavours released quickly, without being exhausted by long maturation. Excellent for ageing single malt Scotch.

This is the second release in the Age of Discovery collection and a first for Glenfiddich, Bourbon Cask Reserve is inspired by that history. It is their only expression exclusively matured in American bourbon casks, for 19 years. Only used once by bourbon producers, American bourbon casks impart aroma and flavour quickly. Yet their qualities last longer, having spent a comparatively brief time ageing the fine bourbon. Creating a refined balance of spicy sweetness and rich dried fruit flavours.

Colour - Autumn barley fields.
Nose - Warm, crunchy toffee and deep citrus notes. Marmalade on toast with fine orange liqueur balanced by dry, almost smoky oak tannin.
Taste - Intriguing layers of light tannin, underpinned by rich notes of vanilla pod, fine leather and Havana tobacco. Develops into a sweet, velvety mouth-feel with spicy hints of cardamom and nutmeg.
Finish - Warm, delightful long finish.
2013 IPC gold

Gold Medal 2013 -  International Spirits Challenge (ISC)


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19 years old
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Glenfiddich Age Of Discovery 19 YO Bourbon Cask Single Malt Whisky

The Bourbon is based on a Southern family moonshine heritage enhanced with glacial water from the Cascade Mountains and then aged in American oak casks, making the flavor even more noteworthy. gogoanime