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Balcones Texas Single Malt Whiskey (750mL)

Balcones Texas "1" Single Malt Whisky is handcrafted in small batches in copper pot stills. It is non-chill filtered and has no artificial coloring. The ingredients are traditional — like other Single Malts, it is composed of malted barley. “The main difference between this and other Single Malts is in the barreling. Each batch goes through a number of different barrels before it’s complete. The final aging is done in big barrels.”

The whiskey is aged by rotating the liquid through several barrels of different sizes and woods, checking for quality along the way and changing barrels as needed. Each batch finishes in large barrels made of various woods (ex-bourbon, new custom made wood, etc.).

“We go out of our way to control that there won’t be too much wood extraction. With the small barrels, you risk a very strong wood profile.” By rotating the liquid, different characteristics emerge from each type of wood, depending on the size of the barrel, and how long the whisky rests inside.

Each batch of whiskey is bottled and marked with the type of wood the batch was finished in so consumers can taste how each blend differs depending on what kind of wood it was aged in, if desired.

The final proof (52.7 percent alcohol by volume) is also achieved in a unique way. “In the bigger barrels, we use a french brandy method to bring the whisky down to proof. Slowly proofing down the whiskey ensures that you can super saturate the liquid, which brings out nice and round flavors that marry together perfectly.”

Distillers Tasting Notes"

NOSE: ripe, buttered stone fruit, banana and pears; honey and rose water with delicate citrus accents

MOUTH FEEL: silky and full on the palate

TASTE:  lightly toasted bread with fresh butter and marmalade

FINISH: Lingering finish with toast and burnt sugar notes morphing into rich malt and wood flavors with counterbalancing acidity


Winner of "Best American Whisky" at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012.

Best in Show Brown Spirits / Best Whisk(e)y, Double Gold: 2011 New York World Wine and Spirits

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