Club Whisky (Episode 993: February 27, 2023)

There are literally hundreds of whisky clubs around the world, with more being formed all the time. This week on WhiskyCast, we’ll hear from some club founders on how they started their clubs, along with advice for those thinking about forming a whisky club. In the news, Russia is planning “grey market” imports of some key whisky brands to evade trade sanctions, while Scotland’s controversial bottle deposit program may be in trouble. We’re also announcing the launch of the new WhiskyCast Community mobile app this week, too!

Links: The Herald | Edrington | GMB Scotland | Campari Group | Elixir Distillers | Midleton Very Rare | Writers’ Tears | Tobermory | The Whisky Exchange | Oban | Bruichladdich | The Liquid Antiquarian

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