Thy distillery: 7 whiskies -

Thy distillery: 7 whiskies

I've become quite interested in Thy distillery (pronounced tsuh) on the west coast of Denmark. Their beechwood smoked whisky from Berry Bros' Nordic Casks series was pretty great and I'm always impressed by their openness and attention to detail.In 2015 two couples (Ellen and Andreas, Marie and Jakob) left Copenhagen and moved to Thy, in order to put into motion the plan of a dedicated distillery. They only use grains from their own farm, including some local heritage varieties. All grains are harvested, malted, mashed and distilled on the Gyrup estate. Their fields have been organically managed for many years and they revive Danish traditions like beechwood smoking. I appreciate the fact that they're not trying to copy Scottish traditions but try to shape their own Nordic style.A couple of weeks ago, Thy Whisky organized an online tasting, presenting 7 samples: three grain whiskies (rye, spelt, oats... in different combinations), three beechwood smoked malt whiskies and one classic malt whisky matured in a sherry cask. 

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