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Springbank 1996 ‘Special Edition’ (Whisky Sponge)

I wonder why the Sponge is weeping on this label. Is he musing about the quality of sherry casks in the past, or perhaps about the price of this bottle (£ 975), lamenting the fact that Springbank has gotten out of reach for most of the whisky drinking scene? He's looking at the glass, which is actually a cutout shape in the paper, showing the whisky underneath and becoming empty once you're halfway. Great idea.Inside the bottle is a Springbank 1996 from the Whisky Sponge, a special edition hors catégorie. It matured for 26 years in a first fill sherry butt and comes in one of these vintage green bottles with air bubbles trapped inside the glass.I tried this whisky as a cask sample before bottling and I thought it was very extractive. I didn't even pick up a lot of smoke, simply because the sherry was so overpowering. The second time I was prepared and started to appreciate it more. I'll be mixing some thoughts from the first impression with the 'proper' tasting notes of today. 

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