Five Equinox & Solstice whiskies (Decadent Drinks) -

Five Equinox & Solstice whiskies (Decadent Drinks)

I've reviewed a couple of Equinox & Solstice bottlings so far - the seasonal series from Decadent Drinks. Each of them are selected to be naturally bottled, uncomplicated and easily quaffable single malt whiskies. Here's a quick overview of my previous reviews: Highland Malt 10 Years 2010 (Summer 2021) Caol Ila 13 Years 2007 (Autumn 2021) Craigellachie 15 Years 2006 (Winter 2021) Old Pulteney 13 Years 2008 (Spring 2022) Glen Garioch 10 Years 2011 (Summer 2022)It has been a while though. Today I will start by adding the missing first release, the Spring 2021 Edradour. At the same time I'll move forward with the Autumn and Winter releases from 2022. Next up are the Spring 2023 release and a sneak preview of the upcoming Summer 2023 release, a Balblair 2008. How often do you see independently bottled Balblair?Ah, the mental peace of a complete series... 

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