Amaethon Single Malt -

Amaethon Single Malt

A while ago we had a session with five lesser known French whiskies. Here's one more to add to the list. Amaethon is a French single malt whisky. It is marketed by Spiritique who also sell gin and other spirits. However we don't have information about the distillery or the production methods - we assume it's a sourced spirit.It takes its name from the Celtic god of agriculture. The whisky is created with French barley. A third matures in first fill ex-bourbon barrels, the rest in second fill. After that it goes to French oak barrels that previously contained Cognac. Amaethon is probably around 3 years of age.In 2022 they switched to a new, slightly conical bottle design. We're trying the straight bottle that is still found in many shops. 

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