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8 Macbeth whiskies (Livingstone / Elixir Distillers)

The scope of this project is enormous and just like in a real play, there is a long list of credits. Lexi Burgess of Livingstone Rare is the director, the mastermind if you like, overseeing the concept and bringing it all together in a stunning collection. Then comes Dave Broom, the writer. He wrote portraits of each Macbeth character, finding analogies in spirit types, cask types or geographical connections. Elixir Distillers sourced the whiskies from their vast network, managed by Sukhinder Singh and Oliver Chilton. Last but not least, renowned artist Sir Quentin Blake provided unique drawings for each label.There are 42 whiskies in six series: The Leads: 5 regal single malts, each limited to 100 bottles The Thanes: 12 noble single malts The Ghosts: 6 single malt / single grain whiskies from ghost distilleries The Witches: 4 unnamed smoky malts and blends The Murderers: 4 unnamed Island malts The Household: 10 characterful Scotch whiskiesThey will be released in five acts from now until 2027. In the first act (which can be purchased as an entire set of nine bottles) we have a couple of affordable whiskies with high yields and aged between 10 and 20 years, leading up to four rare expressions that are 31 years. The culmination point is King Duncan, a 56 year old Glen Grant.The attention to detail is magnificent. If you come accross a bottle, be sure to get a good look at it. The bottle shape is unique, the labels are beautifully done, the fonts, the texts on the back labels, the depth of information about the whisky involved... it's all perfectly executed. So much work has gone into this! Furthermore, add in the awesome scale of the collection and you can only describe it as a piece of art. 

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