Review: Tiger Thiccc Blended Whiskey -

Review: Tiger Thiccc Blended Whiskey

Yes, the name of this whiskey is Tiger Thiccc. Yes, with three Cs. To call it unique would be an understatement: It’s a blended whiskey, made from 80% American bourbon (a 99% corn mash from Indiana’s MGP) and 20% Japanese whiskey (55% grain, 45% barley), all finished in a mizunara oak barrel. No age statements or additional details are available, so let’s put all that aside — alongside with a Joe Rogan endorsement — and see what’s in the bottle.

Well damn if it isn’t a pretty impressive product, definitely thicc, if not quite thiccc, though. The nose is fruit-heavy and quite corny, but tempered by ample oak, lending it a soothing, almost earthy woodiness. Breathe deep and a spearmint quality comes into focus, with clear umami notes that could be anything from marinated mushroom to soy sauce.

This all comes together well on the palate, which kicks off with a touch of sweetness — lemon and orange, namely — then takes a more savory bent. Grassy, malty, and corny and almost equal proportions, that citrus peel pops after a moment on the tongue, infusing the more earth-driven attack with some zesty fruit. The more I sit with it, the more exotic it gets, including distinct touches of garam masala, coconut, and a chocolate note on the finish.

This is one of those whiskeys where I came in with zero expectations and left a true convert. Ignore the gaudy bottle and try it in an Old Fashioned, a highball, or — as I’d recommend — on its own.

96 proof. Reviewed: Batch #2, 2022 edition.

A / $89 /

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