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What’s the Best Whiskey for a Great Sitdown at a Blackjack Table?

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Whiskey lovers are often portrayed as experienced, profound and self-assured. A common trait of people who enjoy drinking whiskey is that they also delight in telling stories about their lives and feel comfortable doing so in public places like the blackjack table.

After all, few things go better together than drinking whiskey and playing cards. So, the next time you sit down at a casino table and start card counting in blackjack, be sure to have your favorite whiskey in hand while you try to win big.

Top whiskey brands worldwide

There are more whiskey choices available than ever before. With that in mind, this article will explore some of the most popular whiskeys around the world according to sales.

Crown Royal

In honor of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada, Seagram initially introduced Crown Royal in 1939. Until 1964, it was exclusively available in Canada. This light whiskey’s first bouquet is made up of syrupy honey, citrus and a little nuttiness.

The last aromas are some delicate undertones of raw grain, brown sugar and hazy vanilla. Crown Royal is commonly enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Jack Daniel’s

The hue of Jack Daniel’s whiskey is a deep amber that’s highly appealing to the eye. It has a rich, silky scent with prominent vanilla and caramel undertones. The taste is smooth and sweet, similar to warm molasses.

The finish is warm and smooth, with a tiny bit of a fiery bite at the end. It serves as a suitable entry point into the Tennessee whiskey category.


Although the Jameson brand has many varieties, a good place to start is with the basic, blended, triple-distilled Irish whiskey. Jameson is crisp and light. A slow-developing flavor with hints of berries, citrus, malty honey and vanilla is revealed.

The finish can be described as smooth, medium and sweet. It works best on its own, on the rocks or with a touch of water.

Jim Beam

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey is amber in hue and smells faintly of vanilla syrup, with a hint of wood. The taste carries over to the tongue as a sugary vanilla and caramel syrup with a little touch of rye spiciness.

This bourbon works nicely when consumed neat and as a base for mixed beverages.

Johnnie Walker

The hue of Johnnie Walker Black is a beautiful, rich coppery amber. It’s popular at bars because the whiskey is affordably priced. The sweet aroma of cinnamon, apples and raisins is present, along with an undertone of natural peat. It has a warm and understated finish.

Final thoughts

If you have yet to savor the delectable taste that a good whiskey offers, consider trying one of the options listed in this article. Sit down at a card table with any of the brands listed above and enjoy an unforgettable blackjack experience. You could even host your friends for a memorable night of playing cards and whiskey tasting at your home.

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