Russell’s Reserve 13 Year Old Returns

Straight out of the Commonwealth of Kentucky comes the highly-anticipated third annual release of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon, the oldest expression of the core range from the fan-favorite Russell’s Reserve.

Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old is patiently crafted under the leadership of Master Distiller Eddie Russell, who celebrates his 42nd anniversary at the distillery this summer. Arriving in time for Father’s Day, the exemplary 13-Year-Old Bourbon pays tribute to the heritage and legacy of Russell’s Reserve, originally created by Eddie as an honor and tribute to the work of his own father, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. The 13-Year-Old showcases Eddie’s decades of experience and expert ability to develop complex flavors through careful aging and keen barrel selection.

Eddie Russell first introduced the 114.8-proof 13-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon in June 2021. Quickly beloved by fans and whiskey drinkers alike, the Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old was re-introduced as a limited, annual offering in June of 2022. Serving as a shining example of the Russell family’s mastery of bourbon-making, Eddie maintains the barrel proof of this whiskey and opts not to chill filter, retaining all the natural character of the bourbon, resulting in a more robust mouthfeel, just as he intended it.

“Releasing Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old Bourbon is a moment I’ve come to look forward to each year,” said Eddie Russell, Master Distiller at the Wild Turkey distillery. “This bourbon is a personal favorite of mine and I am proud to bring it back this year in time for Father’s Day. I know I’ll be raising a glass with my father and son, Bruce, to celebrate, and hope fans and folks trying it for the first time can enjoy a glass with their families and friends this summer season as well.”

The re-introduction of Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old is the latest in the Russell’s Reserve lineup, which boasts an award-winning portfolio comprised of small batch releases to single barrel bottlings of the best-of-the-best bourbon and rye whiskeys Kentucky has to offer.

Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Russell’s Reserve 13-Year-Old will be available nationally from retailers, as well as at, at $150 SRP per 750 ML bottle for a limited time, starting in mid-June.

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