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Commander H.G.H. Glendidit

He's been there, and he's done that!

The Glendidit Family tree extends deep into the peaty mists of Scotland’s history, even unto Pictish times, if memory serve aright. From Bannockburn to the Battle of Britain and beyond, there has always been a Glendidit proximate to the great events of world history.


It is believed the Glendidit family name derives from one Glen of Dufftown, whom archaeological records credit with the original discoverery of Scotch. When the population of Thanes gathered in Speyside to ask "có ás a daing ort do choiseachd, uisge-beatha" (loosly translated: Where the hell, for fuck's sake, did you find that water of life?")...who was responsible for this new dram, the reply, “Glen did it!,” bestowed upon the family thier illustrious surname.


Consistently from generation to generation, the Glendidit progeny were found sequestered off to the side somewhere, as far away from the action as possible thereby minimizing the risk of getting ones uniform sullied.  Yet a Glendidit has always been captured in the far corners of the camera's frame, bearing witness to the great events of the day as they unfolded, a fine whisky in hand, aquiring yet another fantastical and improbable story to burnish the family legend.


The current Thane of Glendidit, Commander H.G.H. Glendidit (pictured here when he was 32 1/2 years old), joins us as a contributing editor to ForWhiskeyLovers. A noted family archivist as well as avid whisky enthusiast who, like his heroic ancestors, spent his career steadfastly avoiding all of the world’s conflict zones, and finding his way to adventure "On a Budget" (i.e., ideally, "On Someone Else"). He enjoys shortwave radio, astronomy, croquet, Welsh Rarebit, Whisky, and really has the legs for a kilt.