Isle Of Skye Whisky Coming To The US

The Ian Macleod Distillers brand Isle of Skye is bringing its full range of blended Scotch Whiskies to the United States.

This blended Scotch was created by Ian Macleod on Skye in 1933 and was inspired by the dramatic landscapes of the island. Skye is the most popular of Scotland’s islands and is famously used as a location for many films and TV series. An ancient island which has been carved by the elements and is a theater of natural drama. The influence of the island can still be seen today in the whisky, which is described as ‘soul-stirring’ with each sip transporting you to this land of myth and legend.

To blend the Isle of Skye, Ian Macleod Distillers skilfully uses malt whisky from Skye and complement it with stunning malt and grain whiskies from the mainland of Scotland, to produce a unique whisky with a very high malt content. This gives the Scotch a complex and incredibly smooth flavor, bursting with tropical fruits, spice and chocolate.

The full range of Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whiskies to be released in the United States are as follows:

  • 8 Year Old (SRP: $20.99) has gentle sweetness on the nose with floral notes, citrus aromas, and subtle smoke. Peat smoke on the palate along with shellfish, toffee, vanilla and heather. Dry to finish with continued smoke.

  • 12 Year Old (SRP: $27.99) has creamy vanilla fragrances with orange zest, ground coriander, honeycomb, and distant heather fire. Smooth and balanced palate with flavors of dried apricot, gooseberry, and a gentle spice. Lingering peat finish with notes of lime, dark chocolate, and fresh mint.

  • 18 Year Old (SRP: $64.99) has gooseberry and cinnamon aromas caught on a coastal breeze, lime, chilli, and black pepper. Gentle smoke on the palate gives way to citrus zest, fruitcake, and toffee notes. A peat smoke finish ebbs into rounded malt and dark chocolate.

  • 21 Year Old (SRP: $114.99) has shelled walnuts with dried banana and brown sugar on the nose, with wood smoke, clementine and treacle. A rich body with a mouthfeel to match, yielding to honeyed porridge, tropical fruit, and allspice. A wonderfully tenacious rich oak finish with dried fruits, and soft peat smoke.

  • 25 Year Old (SRP: $206.99) has rich and oaky ginger on the nose mixed with vanilla, red apple, and citrus. Rounded and fruity on the palate, with notes of malt and more apple, giving way to a wisp of peat smoke. A balanced and dry finish with lingering hints of apricot.

  • 30 Year Old (SRP: $321.99) has vanilla and light oak on the nose with hints of bakewell tart, coconut, and a floral top note. Silky and sweet butter pastry on the palate, mixed with fresh malt and raisins. A remarkable 30 Year Old blended Scotch.

Consumers can now purchase the full Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whisky range in select retail shops throughout the U.S. and the whiskies are available in 7ooml sized bottles. It is thus an example of imports that have been enabled by the U.S. TTB’s 2022 legalization of 700ml bottles.

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