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About For-Lovers LLC

Building a global network for passionate enthusiasts, one community at a time


If you are a whiskey or tequila lover, you may already be familiar with our websites: and

Since our inception, we have specialized in offering exceptional whiskey, tequila and mezcal produced by small, independent distilleries and limited edition releases by larger more established distilleries. Through our national network of world-class retailers, we currently ship to 40 states and over 25 countries, and offer white glove customer service to our customers.

Now we are building a suite of tools and technology platform that will completely disrupt the current “path to market” for small, independent craft spirits and food producers. No longer will the relationship between the consumer and producer begin and end at the retail store shelf. We will connect the historically separated producer and consumer through their shared passion (for great whiskey, tequila and eventually wine, beer, cheese, olive oils, chocolates, etc.) with our proprietary Market Partnership Platform (MPP).

The MPP is an ecosystem where independent producers of hard-to-find craft beverage and food products will connect directly with consumers who share a passion for those products, resulting in communications that facilitate the production, education, exploration and ultimately consumption of superior craft products at lower prices – a win-win for everyone.


For-Lovers mission is to build a suite of tools and technologies that will completely disrupt the current “bring-to-market” paradigm that exists for artisanal craft food and beverage producers by connecting them directly to consumers in a revolutionary online “Market Partnership Platforms” (MPP) where discovery, education and ultimately sales/consumption transpire which cannot happen in a typical retail store.