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Call for Nominations: 2017 International Drammie Awards

At the beginning of every year, ForWhisk(e)yLovers sends out a "Call for Nominations" to our e-mail subscribers, members of our Whikey Explorers Club and the general whisk(e)y-consuming public for our annual Drammie Awards: The Voice of the Whisk(e)y Enthusiast... the "People's Choice Awards" of the whisk(e)y industry.

These awards, which come in 25 categories, are meant to highlight the best of the whisk(e)y world. The nominees and winners may not be the largest, the most popular, or the wealthiest distilleries/brands, but dammit they're doing great work. They've won their customers' admiration and respect (and that of their taste buds and livers) and rightfully deserve special recognition.

Nominations are being accepted from Whisk(e)yLovers around the world for the following twenty-five Drammie Award Categories (you can nominate HERE):

  1. Best Whisk(e)y Marketing Campaign
  2. Worst Whisk(e)y Marketing Campaign
  3. Best Whisk(e)y Packaging
  4. Best Whisk(e)y-related Product
  5. Best Whisk(e)y Information Source
  6. Best Whisk(e)y Bar
  7. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - Europe & the UK
  8. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - North America
  9. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery Tour - Asia/Pacific Rim
  10. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery - Europe & the UK
  11. Best Whisk(e)y  Distillery - North America
  12. Best Whisk(e)y Distillery - Asia/Pacific Rim
  13. Most Exciting & Innovative Whisk(e)y Producer/Distiller
  14. Most Exciting & Innovative Whisk(e)y Blender/Bottler
  15. Most Innovative New Whisk(e)y
  16. Best Whisk(e)y Value/"Bang for the Buck"
  17. Must Underrated Whisk(e)y
  18. Best Blended Whisk(e)y
  19. Best Single Malt/Vatted Malt Whisk(e)y
  20. Best Bourbon Whisk(e)y
  21. Best Rye Whisk(e)y
  22. Best Non-traditional Whisk(e)y
  23. Best New Whisk(e)y
  24. Whisk(e)y of the Year
  25. Distillery of the Year

Nominations will close on Friday, February 24. We'll tally up your votes and post the top 5 nominations (those receiving the most nominating votes) for each category on Voting for the finalists will begin on Monday, March 6 and be open until midnight on Sunday, March 19. 

The 2017 Drammie Award Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 5.


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