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Best Single Malts

Here is another list from the website The Fifty Best. This time they rank the 50 best Single Malts aged 10-15 years.  I really like this list they have hit upon some of favorites including the Oban 14 and the Talisker 10. Though I do think the list is a bit Arbeg heavy.

What do you think of this list? Would you have included anything different?


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interesting list -- I see they have Speyburn 10 as 2nd on the list.  Maybe I got a bad bottle, but to me it was awful.  when I had it, I thought they "burn" came from the burn I had when I drank it.  Niether my daughter nor my son-in-law would not drink it.  Probably had 3 or 4 friends try it and none of them liked it either.  The rest on the list, I do like, however.  I would have included Tamdu 10, as I really enjoy that (although it is a little harsh in its own way).