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Reclaimed Bourbon & Whiskey Bottle LED Liquid Desk Lamp

ForWhiskeyLovers is thrilled to offer these rare and unique handcrafted alcohol bottle lamps that have been refurbished after their original purpose of containing and dispensing the finest Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey in the world.  These bottles  were collected and repurposed into a stunning table lamp where the glow and hue of the bourbon and whiskey is used to produce a gentle light that is both purposeful and decorative. 
Each reclaimed 750ml bottle is inspected, repaired if needed, and filled with a non-toxic natural additive calibrated to the exact color and tone of the original liquor contents. The bottles are then sealed and tested for leaks. The light source for each bottle is an attached reclaimed barnwood LED light source base. The base is hand finished from reclaimed barnwood and features rounded edges and a stained and finished sturdy 4" wooden base for the bottle. The embedded LED light source produces ample light source to illuminate the carmel tones of the liquid inside the bottle.
 The lamp ships with a 120 Volt Outlet plug so need to worry about changing batteries.
  • Repurposed Alcohol Bottle Desk Lamps
  • Utilizes Reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Bottles & Tennessee Whiskey Bottles
  • Utilizes Non-Toxic Natural Substrate, No Alcohol is Included 
  • All Electronics are Independently CE Certified for Safety Compliance.
  • Desk Lamp Size: 10" to 16" Height (depending on bottle) x 4" Wide x 4" Deep
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs 
  • Utilizes 120V LED Light Source, Outlet Plug & Cord Provided 
  • Handcrafted in Southern USA

Prices Range from $129 - $189 for a lamp, and are indicated below.  Final price adjustments will be reflected when checking out

Price: $129.00
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