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Holla Vodka (750mL)


Holla Vodka (pron [HOL-UH]) is a new vodka brand that offers bar and club goers an exciting, new alternative to the existing, stale vodka options currently available.

Holla Vodka founders, Patrick Shorb and Matt Glaser, are childhood friends who attended Penn State University together. Through their experiences as consumers, they discovered a void in the liquor marketplace: Top-shelf, premium vodkas were too expensive, while cheaper alternatives sacrificed quality and originality. With this in mind, Patrick and Matt made it their mission to provide fellow millennials a premium quality, fun vodka all at an affordable price. That vodka is Holla.

Holla Vodka promotes a spirit of celebration and camaraderie. The word “Holla” itself naturally brings people together and makes them smile. Holla Vodka is perfect for both day and is smooth tasting, refreshing by itself, and great for mixing a wide range of cocktails.

NOTE: Two (2) Bottle Minimum Oder)

Price: $25.95
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