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Cleveland Whiskey Christmas Bourbon 2016 Release (750mL)


There is nothing better than Christmas, and the flavors that go along with it....Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, allspice and just a touch of orange peel.

Instead of stuffing your loved one's stocking with peppermint and chocolates, stuff them a bottle of Cleveland Whiskey Christmas Bourbon. It has all the great taste and scents that remind you of Christmas--nutmeg, caramel and a little bit of cocoa. The whiskey is great sipper alone, and makes a spectacular holiday eggnog or party punch that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Cleveland Christmas Bourbon is Cleveland Whiskey´s limited edition release for the holidays, flavored  with holiday spices.

The whiskey is bottled at a 43%abv/ 86 proof named Cleveland Whiskey´s Christmas Bourbon one of the top gift selections for 2014.

Price: $45.50
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