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Dalton Distillery

Master Distiller Raymond Butler The Butler family can't remember not making shine. Opening this distillery is a son's way of keeping American tradition alive and honoring his father and grandfathers brave ways by offering the world their family recipe corn whiskey. We are starting with original recipe corn whiskey and who knows how far we'll go!

Taconic Founders Rye Whiskey

Named for our country’s founding fathers, Taconic Distillery’s Founder’s Rye Whiskey is aged in virgin American white oak barrels to a golden caramel color.  Rye lovers will appreciate its bold, spicy flavor with a mildly sweet finish.  Delicious in cocktails and decidedly smooth when sipped neat or on the rocks.
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Taconic Distillery

The founders of Taconic Distillery (formerly known as Millbrook Distillery), Gerald Valenti and Paul “PJ” Coughlin, are avid outdoorsmen, Dutchess County residents and bourbon aficionados who saw an opportunity to marry their interests in the establishment of Taconic Distillery.