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The region of whisky producers known for their strong peaty flavor

Islay malts are the weightiest, most pungent and most heavily peated and are therefore generally the easiest to identify. These malts take their characteristics both from the peat used to dry the barley and their closeness to the sea. These factors give them what is often described as a seaweedy, medicinal taste and a distinct peaty flavor.

Bowmore Tempest Dorus Mor

Tempest Batch No. 5 - 55.9% ABV On the eye deep gold.  Breathe in white peaches, nectarines and juicy cassis with fresh lime. Sip a wave of vanilla, juicy bursts of mandarin, tangy lime and cassis. Savour rippling layers of nectarine and bourbon vanilla on a salty ocean breeze. 
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